Maybe a Bike Trailer?

At the moment I own 5 bikes.  I’m sure some of you are gasping in horror “5 bikes?  Are you mad?”  The rest of you, who are saying “Only 5?”,  know where I’m coming from when I suggest that none of them seem like the perfect solution for my commute.  The single speed road bike (a LeMond Fillmore) is out because I’ll need some gears with all the junk I carry.  My “road race” bike (a LeMond Maillot Jaune) is out because it’s too nice and too sporty, plus it’s for sale as I just don’t ride it enough.  The folding travel bike (a Dahon Speed Eight) is a no-go just because I’ll look like a goof.  The 1×9 hard-tail 29er mountain bike (a Kona Explosif 2-9) is a possibility, as is the recently acquired all-around road bike with 3×9 gearing and 32c wide tires (a Gunnar Sport).  However with the number of things I need to carry both of those bikes will require a trailer of some sort.  I’m not necessarily opposed to the idea of a trailer, but I don’t have one.  So, I guess I start looking at trailers.

I love my Fillmore, but it won't be my commuter.

After lots of internet surfing and trailer shopping I come down to two options.  The first is the BOB Ibex trailer.  I like it for a couple reasons.  First, the attachment setup seems very slick and looks like it will keep the trailer stable.  Second, it’s kind of narrow and I don’t like the idea of it sticking out into the road beside me too much.  Finally, the owner of my favorite local bike shop, Slippery Pig Bike Shop, has a used one he has been offering me at a good price.  The downside to the Ibex is that I’m not sure it’s big enough for my purposes.  After the cooler, water jug, and clipboard go in there isn’t much room for other stuff.  Also, it seems like it would be difficult to customize and tweak if I need to make changes or find it doesn’t exactly suit my needs as it is.  That leads me to the Black Dog Bicycles BDB 202 trailer.  It is a 2 wheel trailer made from aluminum tubing with a cargo bed of about 640 square inches vs. about 400 for the Ibex.  It is way lighter, and made in the USA by a guy in Lopez Island, Washington.  The attachment system isn’t as cool, but the trailer itself seems more versatile and also easy to customize if need be, which is a bonus.  While pondering the pluses and minuses of these two trailers I have another idea.  What if I got a cargo bike instead of a trailer?  Hmmm…….


One response to “Maybe a Bike Trailer?

  1. Cool start to your blogging career Erik…

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