Bartering Solves My Bike Dilema

Close-up of the Rivendell head badge.

Ok, put on the brakes.  I just had an opportunity come my way that I could not pass up, and it has turned my commuter bike decision making process on it’s head and solved it all at the same time.  Funny how that happens sometimes.  I mentioned previously that I am looking to sell my road race bike, a 2005 LeMond Maillot Jaune.  Erik, owner of the Slippery Pig Bike Shops, used to ride one almost exactly like mine and I have heard him bemoan the fact that he sold it several times.  So I asked him if he was interested in buying mine and after a bit of discussion he offered to trade me  a Rivendell Bleriot 650b for the LeMond. I didn’t have to think about it long before I said “Yes!”  He had the bike set up as a mountain-bar commuter but I promptly decided it will be my regular road bike for my weekend group rides.  I just think it’s too nice to use for my work bike and I’d like to be able to put more miles on it than the 1 or 2 day a week commute will allow.  By

The Rivendell Bleriot

using this as my leisure road bike I can then convert my recently acquired “all-around” road bike,  an older Gunnar Sport, into my work bike.  So I swapped the mountain bar and associated goodies from the Rivendell with the drop bar and associated goodies from the Gunnar and now I am almost good to go.  The Bleriot is all set and ready to ride, although I may need a shorter stem.  Time will tell.  The Gunnar is ready to ride but not quite ready for the commute.

When this trade prresented itself the idea of the cargo bike went out the window because of space considerations.  If I traded for the Rivendell and bought a cargo bike the Gunnar would have to go, and I really like the Gunnar.  After reconsidering the trailer options (by this time Erik at Slippery Pig had sold the BOB IBex trailer) I decided to go the rack and basket route.  The Rivendell came with a really nice Nitto rear rack that I will put on the Gunnar when I get the proper size mounting rods.  I also ordered a basket to attach to said rack, and another rack for the front, a Gamoh, from Rivendell Bikes.  It is a flatbed rack with wood slats and a short railing around the bed area.  It’s a lot like  a Paul Flatbed rack but at about half the price.  Once all this stuff arrives and gets installed the Gunnar will be commute-ready, and so will I.

The Gunnar set up for commuting with the mountain bars. Racks and baskets on the way.


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