Working Off My Rivendell Debt

In order to balance out the Rivendell Bleriot/LeMond Maillot Jaune bike trade I offered to help Erik, the owner of Slippery Pig Bikes, move the Slippery Pig Bike Shop Too from one location in Fountain Hills to the new, better location (check their website for the exact address).  The original location is still at Central Avenue and Camelback Road in Phoenix, but the second store has been operating out in Fountain Hills for about 7 months or so.  Upon arriving at 9am I started removing racks and wall displays.  After a couple hours of this we headed over to the new shop.  I spent the rest of the day (until about 6pm) installing the grid wall display and the slat wall display, each of which run most of the length of the store on opposite walls and let you hang all sorts of merchandise on them.

The brackets for the slat wall installed and ready to go.

Step one was to use a laser level to establish a level reference point along the whole length (about 40 feet) of the store.  Once I had a level chalk line snapped I started to locate the studs so I could attach the mounting brackets to something solid and not just the hollow drywall.  Locating the studs was a matter of trial and error as the layout was irregular (not 16 or 24 inches on center).  Being a commercial building the studs are metal so self-tapping screws allowed me to screw the brackets through the drywall and right into the steel studs.  Once all the brackets are installed the slat wall just snaps in place to cover the brackets and then allows hooks for placing merchandise to be located anywhere along the length of the wall.  After the slat wall was finished I did much the same on the opposite wall to attach an open grid of metal tubing that also allows merchandise to placed virtually anywhere along

The wall on the right is where the grid display is about to be installed.

the length or height.  It was a long-ish day but the new place was starting to look good by the evening and I feel like I helped Erik accomplish a good bit for one day.  Well worth it, as I expect to keep the Rivendell Bleriot for a long time.


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