Outfitting the Gunnar for Commuting

The rack and basket I ordered arrived the other day, so I set about attaching everything to the Gunnar Sport to complete my bike commuting setup.  On the rear of the bike I attached a cool Nitto Big Back Rack from Rivendell Bicycle Works that came on the Bleriot when I bartered for it.  It’s pretty

Nitto Big Back Rack, Rivendell

Nitto Big Back Rack

simple to attach but I had to get some longer rods to run from the rack to the braze-ons at the tops of the seat stays.  No big deal, and I kind of like the look with the rods running long so I didn’t cut off the excess. I was planning on attaching a Wald wire basket to the Nitto rack but the one I ordered turned out to be a bit small.  The sides taper, so the footprint is smaller than the opening.  Because of that my lunch cooler wouldn’t fit, so I’m sending it back for the so-called Huge size.

Rivendell front rack

The Gamoh front rack from Rivendell Bicycle Works.

On the front of the bike I attached a Gamoh rack, also from Rivendell.  It’s a cool flatbed style rack with wooden slats in the bottom.  The two legs attached to the braze-ons at the fork drop outs easily enough, but I had to remove the brake caliper and do some shuffling around of washers and spacers to attach the top mounting bracket and keep if from rubbing the headset.  Again, no big deal.  These racks, along with my bell, my NiteRider MiNewt headlight, and my blinky rear light almost complete my Gunnar-as-a-commuter set up.  (I still need to get my Huge rear basket.)

Gunnar Sport, bike commuter

The Gunnar 99% ready (need my rear basket).


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