Working and Cycling in Colorado

I have been vacationing in the Boulder, Colorado area recently and will be starting an exterior deck job here next week.  In the mean time I’ve been doing a lot of riding.  If you have never ridden in the Boulder area it should be added to your list of things to do.  If you are a climber, some of the best climbing roads in the world are right out your door.  That may explain the number of professional cyclists that live in the area and are seen on the roads training in the off-season.  I brought my single-speed Lemond Fillmore with me so I’ve only made one trip skyward to this point.  I climbed the first section of Lee Hill Drive.  It was pretty brutal with the one gear but I did make it up the first section so I could follow Olde Stage Road down Left Hand Canyon.  At the top of the climb there were 3 guys standing over their bikes, resting.  As I gasped for air and rolled by I said “good morning.”  I realized a few feet later that the gentleman who returned my greeting was none other than Lyle Lovett, who was playing at Red Rocks the next night.  (You never know who you’ll see out riding!)  If your legs, like mine, are not quite ready for regular trips into the Rockies, then the rolling terrain north and east of Boulder are perfect.  Wide shoulders (or actual bike lanes), great scenery, and courteous drivers are the norm.  I think I’d have to say it’s the nicest place I’ve ever ridden my bike.  I’ll squeeze in as many rides as I can before it’s back to work.


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