A Trex Deck in Colorado

I have some great friends, who also happen to be good customers, living in the Boulder, Colorado area.  A few years ago, with my friend’s assistance, I finished their entire basement, complete with a recording studio.  Now that Brown Note Digital Recording has been up and running for a while it was decided that a deck was the next project on the list.

The deck is very low to the ground and is supported via ledgers drilled and epoxied into the existing pier-supported concrete patio, as well as new concrete piers that my friend poured prior to my arrival in Colorado.  The underlying structure is framed with pressure treated 4×8 beams and 2×8 joists hanging from the beams.  The outside of the deck is wrapped in Trex 1×12 fascia and the top is decked in 2 colors of 1×6 Trex decking.  The deck boards are grooved on 2 sides and allow the use of Trex’s attachment system with no visible fasteners.  We did, however, face screw some of the accent boards and those holes will be plugged.  There is also a short section of Trex railing on one side where the gas grill and smoker will live.  The Trex was easy to work with, albeit extremely heavy, and everything went together as expected.  The deck turned out nicely and only took 5 days to complete.  I’m sure numerous beers celebrating completed recording sessions will be consumed there for years to come.

The framing prior to any Trex going on.

The completed deck.


One response to “A Trex Deck in Colorado

  1. Sarah Spencer of 26 Letters

    That looks so nice I want to BBQ right now!

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