UBI Day 1: Off To A Good Start

My formal bicycle education is off to a good start.  Everyone at UBI, both the faculty and the other students in the class, seem great.  After the typical introductions and administrative topics we jumped right into the importance of determining thread sizes, compatibility, and interchangeability.  This is all important stuff because the only thing standardized in the bike industry is that there isn’t much that is standardized.  The importance and application of proper torque and use of a torque wrench were also discussed.  Later in the day we disassembled and overhauled 2 hubsets, a Shimano mountain set and a Campagnolo road set.  I’ve overhauled numerous hubs over the years so there wasn’t much new here, but everything was explained thoroughly and clearly with ample time for questions and discussion.  After the hubs were greased and adjusted one of the instructors has to sign off on the proper completion and adjustment.  It was great to jump in on the first day, do some hands on work, and get a little greasy.  Tomorrow we are covering wheels and will built a complete wheelset, which I am looking forward to.


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