UBI Days 3 and 4: Bottom Brackets, Chains, Cassettes, Freehubs, etc.

A full day was devoted to an area of the bike that probably is neglected from a maintenance standpoint more that any other: bottom brackets.  We covered all types, from cup and cone through the newest bearing pressed into frame systems.  Installation, disassembly, overhauls, and bearing replacements were all fully explored.  In short, everything you ever wanted to know about bottom brackets, including all the various size standards that have evolved over the years.  The fourth day of class centered around drivetrain components.   Types of chains and width differences were explored in detail.  Freewheels were touched upon and cassettes were talked about extensively, including their compatibility with the proper width chain.  Freehub disassembly and maintenance was performed, along with a look at the various freehub designs currently available.  Again, basically everything you could want to know about these topics was at least touched on, if not explored in detail.  If you want more depth in any particular area, just ask and the instructors are happy to oblige (within some time constraints, obviously).  As an aside I have to say how elegant in it’s simplicity and massive amount of engagement a DT Swiss star ratchet freehub is.  Perhaps only rivaled by Portland’s own Chris King RingDrive freehub.  Just amazing pieces of bike technology.


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