UBI Interlude: The Weekend in Portland

Clearly, no one lives in Portland for the December weather.  It is cold, rainy, and devoid of sunshine.  Being from Phoenix, AZ the last part of that combination is a deal breaker.  I’m sure there are times throughout the year when Portland’s weather is wonderful, but I don’t see how even a die hard Portlander could argue the same about December, the wettest and coldest month on their calender.  Basically, I spent my weekend dodging raindrops and attempting to find great beer.  I wasn’t that successful at either.  Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of good, local brew in Portland, but I am suffering from allergies (or a cold, not sure which) so my sense of smell, and therefore my taste, is compromised.  I did get a couple nice beers earlier in the week when my nose was still working.  I enjoyed both Amnesia Brewing’s Desolation IPA and Lompoc’s Sockeye Cream Stout.  I’d recommend both if you have access to them.  I’ve also had some very good food.  Por Que No? has some terrific Mexican food, Mee-Sen was maybe the best Thai I’ve ever eaten, and the roast pork ramen soup tonight at Miho was a good alternative to chicken noodle for my cold.  I’m not giving up on the beer tasting yet though, so I’ll try some more local brew as the week progresses.


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