UBI Days 6 and 7: Brakes and Headsets

The second Monday of the Pro Repair class at UBI covered pretty much every type of mechanical brake system you would ever find on a bicycle.  After extensive lecture time devoted to the evolution of various braking systems and the obvious importance of the bicycles’ braking system, from both a practical and liability standpoint, the hands-on work commenced.  Proper maintenance and set up of road calipers, cantilever and linear pulls,  and mechanical disc brakes were all performed.  Tuesday morning was reserved for hydraulic disc brakes.  Explanation of the attributes and applications was followed by bleeding and servicing brake systems from the three major manufacturers: Avid, Shimano, and Hayes.  In the afternoon we explored the world of headsets, including the amount of abuse they take on the typical bike.  The pros and cons of all the various systems were covered, including getting them properly adjustment.  We then removed and installed both threaded and threadless headsets and their pressed-in cups.  If you haven’t done it in a while, get your headset serviced!  Or, just buy a good quality sealed bearing headset, ala Chris King, and proceed to ignore it for many years while it continues to function perfectly.


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