UBI Day 9: Bike Fit and Bicycle Overhaul

The last truly “hands-on” day of the class started with a discussion of the principles of a proper bike fit.  It involved making sure a customer rolls out the door on the proper size bike with the proper set-up for them and their intended use of the bicycle.  This was a good presentation of the basics and gave us a good background in the steps and measurements involved.  It was not intended to be a bike fitting course, as you could study bike fit for a full 2 weeks and probably not know everything there is to know about it.

The rest of the day was devoted to stripping a road bike down to the bare frame and completing a complete overhaul.  Essentially, this was a thorough review of most of the procedures covered earlier in the class.  As the bike was reassembled and adjusted the instructors checked progress and gave approvals to proceed.  The bikes came together system by system. When everything was back together, shifting, rolling, and braking smoothly (and free of greasy fingerprints) the task was complete.  Nine days down, one to go.


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